Fleet Feet Challenges Chico to Lose 1,000lbs

September 17th - Chico, CA

Fleet Feet is pleased to announce the launch of a new Move It to Lose It challenge with a target of getting team members to lose a combined 1,000 lbs in 10 weeks. The challenge is designed to provide the information needed to safely reduce weight, acknowledge achievements, and provide support as participants progress along their path to success. The team will meet weekly for weigh-ins and group workout opportunities. "Over the years we have provided programs for people wanting to get in shape, from Couch to 5K all the way up to marathon running, but we realized that there was still a large number of people uncomfortable with joining us," said Susan Zepernick, Co-Owner of Fleet Feet. "We want to get as many people involved as possible on a journey to reducing their weight and getting in shape."

Like much of the rest of California, Chico has a large percentage of overweight residents, many of whom just need a little structure and support to start them on their individual paths to a fitter life. "We want to provide a supportive, relaxed, and fun environment that really encourages people to get in shape and eat more healthfully", said Stephanie Shea, Event Manager at Fleet Feet and lead mentor for the Move It to Lose It Challenge. "We are going to provide weekly email tips, access to mentors, and lots of fun ideas to get out and moving in Chico", she added.

As an added bonus, Fleet Feet is going to donate $1 for every pound lost by the team to OPT for Healthy Living (up to 1,000lbs).

The challenge starts with a kick-off meeting on September 29th at 5:30pm at Fleet Feet. For more information, please call Stephanie at (530) 879-9000 or email her at stephanie@fleetfeetchico.com. You can also check out the challenge Web page http://www.fleetfeetchico.com/weight-loss-challenge

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