Fleet Feet Wins Another Award

July 22nd, 2014 - Chico CA

Back in 2012, Fleet Feet in Chico won the Pinnacle Award for best Fleet Feet in the country. Now they're at it again. Superfeet, a leader in premium insoles, presented Fleet Feet Chico with the Platinum Partnership Award at the 2014 Fleet Feet Conference in St. Louis, Mo. Chico was one of just five national Fleet Feet stores to receive such recognition. “The award is given to Fleet Feet stores that have done the best job incorporating Superfeet into their FIT Process,” says co-owner Susan Zepernick. “The FIT Process includes a bio-mechanical analysis of our guests and matching the solution we provide to their needs.”

Most who are familiar with Superfeet know it as an ideal supplement to the right pair of running shoes. But Superfeet products are designed to make the individual more efficient, whether the insoles are used for walking, running or daily wear. “This means the wearer will exert less energy (so more efficient power output), achieve better alignment, reduce the potential for injury (especially as associated with running and fitness walking), and make their feet and entire body more comfortable,” says Zepernick. “Along with athletes, our Superfeet customers include doctors and nurses, chefs, hair dressers, fire fighters and teachers.”

Superfeet is just one of the many brands of essentials Fleet Feet Chico proudly carries. Next time you walk into Fleet Feet Chico’s downtown location, you’ll walk out knowing the store has been honored as one of the nation’s finest—and your feet will be more comfortable than ever. For more information on Superfeet insoles, go visit Fleet Feet Chico’s downtown store.

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