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The 2016 race series is off and running (pun intended) with the Frost or Fog, Love on the Rocks, Almond Blossom, Downtown Mile, Bidwell Classic, Poppy Walk and Trail Less Traveled and Summer Sizzler races already over! Don't miss out on a chance to win some easy points at this race.  We can't wait to see you all out and about this year, may the best runner win! Remember to email Carly (shawna@fleetfeetchico.com) with your race time in order for your score to be updated!


The 2016 Race Series will be free again this year and we want you to register!  We cannot retroactively apply points to your total for races that you completed before you signed up for the Series, so please make sure that you register for the Series before you run your first race! To sign up, either visit Fleet Feet and complete the form, or print out the form and bring it in to the store. You must email your times of each race to Shawna or your score will not be updated!


2016 Standings includes the performance and rankings of all participants through the Almond Bowl 2016! Because of the cancelation of Jack Frost it has been decided that the 2nd medium race is no longer part of the requirement for completion of the series. If runners have already completed two medium races, the points from the higher race will be used in the standings.  For questions related to the standings, please email us at Shawna@fleetfeetchico.com or call Shawna at 345-1000.


The following races are part of the series. More may be added at the discretion of Fleet Feet Sports. We have just added a few more races to this year's series! We have added Under the Sun Event's race series: Trail Less Traveled, Love on the Rocks, Run Your Tail Off, and Paradise Trail Runs. 

Date    Race                            Distance               Category
Jan 23 Frost or Fog 5K Short
    1/4 Marathon Medium
    10 Mile Long
Feb 13 Love on the Rocks 5K  Short
    10K Medium
Feb 21 Almond Blossom 5K Short
    10K Medium
Feb 28 Downtown Mile 1 Mile Short
Mar 6 Bidwell Classic 5K Short
    1/2 Marathon Long
April 2 Poppy Walk/5k 5k Short
 April 3  Trail Less Traveled  5k  Short
    1/4 Marathon Medium
    14 Miler Long
    10K Medium
June 4 Run Your Tail Off 5K Short
    10K Medium
Aug 14 Summer Sizzler 5K Short 
    10K Medium
Oct 23 Paradise Trail Run 4 Mile Short
    9 Mile Long
Nov 6 Almond Bowl 5K Short
    1/2 Marathon Long
Dec 11 Any Local 10K 10K Medium



Eligible participants simply enter and finish a Series event to score points. They do not need to declare or submit their performance. You MUST email Shawna (shawna@fleetfeetchico.com) with your name and time for each race that you run throughout the year. Your score will not be calculated until you email her.

Individual performances are assigned a point value based on the participant’s age-graded performance. Age grading accurately compares performances among men and women competitors of all ages, 8 and over. The points earned equal the athlete’s age-graded "percentage score" (where 100% equals the world record time for that age and gender). For example, a 47-year old male who runs 18:00 for a 5K would score 80% on the age-graded tables and receive 80 points. A 52-year-old female who ran 21:41 would also score 80 points. Click this link for a complete explanation of the age-grading process.

At the end of the year, each person's final points total will be the sum of the points earned from their five best performances. Two of these performances must be from "short" races (1 mile to 5K), two from "medium distance" races (10K, 1/4 Marathon), and one from a "long" race (10 miles, 1/2 Marathon, or Full Marathon).


We will be giving out gifts runners will love, not cash, this year as our prizes!

Top 3 Individual Performances (one performance per person)
1st  - Glukos Bottle and Fuel Plus Fleet Feet Gift Card
2nd - Glukos Bottle and Fuel Plus Fleet Feet Gift Card
3rd -  Glukos Bottle and Fuel Plus Fleet Feet Gift Card

Top 8 People in Men & Women Categories: 

Prizes: Glukos Bottle and Fuel

Prizes will be awarded at the annual race series wrap-up party after the final race in the Series.

The wrap party is scheduled for Thursday January 26th 2017 at 6:15pm at Fleet Feet Sports, Chico CA


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