Race Series Age Grading

Results for the 2016 Madison Bear Garden Race Series will be calculated using the international age-grading tables. These tables use statistics gathered over many years of performances by runners aged 8 and over, and are a way to determine an age-graded "percentage” for each runner for a given performance. This percentage is the percentage of the expected world record for that age, based on statistics of what other runners of that age have achieved. For example, for a 42-year old male runner, the expected age world record for a 5k based on the tables is 13:51 (pretty fast!). If a 42-year old runner runs a 16:36 at a race, he will be given an age-graded percentage of 83.47, the difference between his actual time and the expected age world record.

Age-Graded Tables Establish the Following Standards of Performance Levels:

• Over 90% = World Class
• Over 80% = National Class
• Over 70% = Regional Class
• Over 60% = Local Class

Practical Uses of the Age-Graded Tables:

• Adjust a performance to what it would have been (or will be) in your prime.
• Compare a current performance to a performance in your prime.
• Track your progress over the years.
• Race your friends “fairly” – male or female, younger or older.
• Compare your performances with anyone of any age or gender.
• Enable those at the upper end of age groups to compete on an equal level with those at the middle and lower end of the age groups.
• Rewarding the truly superior runners regardless of age through a running series like the 2014 Fleet Feet Chico Race Series.

Here is a link to the age-grading calculator that we will be using for this Series.

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