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Fleet Feet is dedicated to ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities are fit with the proper footwear and technical apparel to meet their individual needs.

Being fit in the right shoe is an important step to preventing injury and enhancing your fitness experience. Whether you are just beginning a walking program, training for your first marathon, or are on your feet all day and need some foot relief - we can help.

We listen carefully to your fitness goals and interests, take into consideration any aches and pains, and evaluate your experience with your current footwear. We then measure your feet, assess your foot type and watch your gait cycle, paying particular attention to what happens during the "stance phase" (Heel Strike - Mid Stance - Toe Off). Using all of this information, we utilize our training and experience to make individualized footwear recommendations.

Plan to spend some time working with our staff to identify the right solution for you. We will take as much time as necessary to make sure you are properly fit.


We offer a hand chosen selection of footwear brands in varying shapes, fits, and stabilities.  Based on your biomechanics, gait, and foot shape we will recommend shoe styles to best fulfill your fitness and everyday footwear needs.


Fleet Feet Sports Chico carries a variety of insoles to help support your feet and align your body. Insoles are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the individual demands of your activities and footwear. They align the bone structure of your feet inside the shoe, creating a consistent and efficient structural foundation. The structural benefits of insoles play an active role in both treatment and prevention of common overuse injuries. At Fleet Feet Sports we will take you through a measuring process to ensure we fit you with the perfect insole!


Choosing a sock that works for your feet and your activity level is a critical component of our fit process. Consider the fact that your sock is the layer of material that sits directly next to your skin and is intended to wick moisture and protect your feet from calluses, blisters and other potential irritations. So, why not pick a pair of socks that fits your foot best? At Fleet Feet Sports we recommend that you wear non-cotton, breathable socks for running, walking or other activities.

Here are some of the reasons we make this recommendation:

  • At rest, the average foot releases 1 cup of sweat each day.
  • On a 5 mile run, your feet produce enough sweat to fill an 8 ounce glass.
  • 55% of foot perspiration evaporates through the shoes upper. The other 45% is absorbed in the sock and footbed of your shoe!
  • Two trillion bacteria live on your feet (that’s 12% of all bacteria on the human body).

For female athletes, we also offer personalized sport bra fitting. Whatever your cup size, our employees can guide you through the selection of a sports bra that is suitable for your shape and your activity.

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