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Winter Warrior

Stay fit in the winter

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Winter Warriors is a fun and adventurous program that will keep you moving during the cold, dark winter months! What could be better than cold runs and walks followed up by hot coffee and a light-hearted attendance challenge where you can win great prizes each week?! Is it hard to get yourself out the door on those cold, dark winter days? Do you tend to loose your fitness in winter and have to work hard to get back to it in January? Do you want to make winter more exciting with friends and fitness-minded people like you? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you belong in Winter Warriors - our super fun, low-key maintenance program that is designed to help you maintain (and even build on) the fitness level that you earned during the summer while it's cold and dark this winter!

Worried about the cold? Winter Warriors starts and ends at Fleet Feet Sports - A warm, dry place to start, a safe place to store your personal items, and a fun place to hang out after with other runners.


Program Details

•6 Week Program Starts: November 9th and goes until December 17th Wednesdays 6:15PM and Saturdays 7:30AM

  •  Program Kick off - Wednesday November 9th, 2016 at 6:15 pm Located at Fleet Feet Sports Chico


What You Get

•Fun attendance challenge and laughs with and other freezing cold people!

•Occasional post-Saturday run coffee - Provided by Starbucks

•Choice of 2 Progressive 6-Week Maintenance Schedule (5k or 10k)

•2 Supported Weekly Group Runs / Workouts

•Weekly emails and Prizes


The Attendance Challenge

Each week you attend on Saturday you will earn a prize. If you miss Saturday, you'll miss the prize. As the weeks go on, the Saturday prize gets bigger and better. So, if you want the most prizes, come all 6 weeks and enjoy all the goodies! The more you come the more you win! We think our creative and "wintery" prizes will give you the motivation you need to join the group as the weather get's darker and colder this winter! Earn perfect Saturday attendance (come every week) you will earn the biggest and "bestest" prize of all on the final Saturday workout! Any runner that attends all of the scheduled runs will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE pair of Hoka Shoes!!! Two pairs will be raffled off! 

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Program Start: Kick off November 9th, 2016 at 6:15pm
Program Schedule: Wednesdays at 6:15pm and Saturday at 7:30am
Goal Race: Our goal is to stay fit during the winter/holiday season and have fun!
Program Fee: $75.00
Description: This six week program is all about having fun and staying FIT during the winter months. Everyone is busy this time a year so we are offering a lighthearted program for you to keep, maintain or grow your miles with a great group of people. Our awesome coaches with rotate around sharing their expertise and providing you with great runs. Each week you will have an option of a lower mile or higher mile run and Saturdays will end with some fun prizes and refreshments. There might even be a themed run or two :) Join us and lets have some fun....Lets RUN!
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